DAV Public School, Baramba

Complex Sunapal Badamba, Baramba, Cuttack, Odisha - 754031

Vision and Mission  

Vision :

DAV Public school, Sunapal, Badamba visualizes the sublime goal, ‘service to mankind’, focusing the development of the children of this locality to heighten their standard, caliber, talent and skill to make them stand parallel to globalization stage being wise and worthy with a type of education amalgamated in best of science and vedic knowledge in the Anglo vedic system of education. It aims to flourish an academic atmosphere to create personalities of eminence in art, culture, science and literature etc. 


 Being set up in 1999 the school aspires to nurture the tender minds of young learners imparting quality education, sharpening inherent qualities with an approach towards their future and career with following steps as target of our mission.

  •      Foster learner based teaching catered to meet students’ standard.
  •      Personality exposure through Art, craft, group discussion, public speaking etc.
  •      To healthy rapport between students and teachers.
  •      To arrange seminars, functions, celebrations and study tours for involvement and participation. 
  •      To emphasize physical, mental and spiritual well being of students.

To inculcate moral,social and ethical values; ideas and ideology.


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DAV Public School, Badamba

Complex Sunapal Badamba
Baramba, Cuttack, Odisha - 754031
Contact - 9861674357 
Email Id - davbadamba@yahoo.in
Website - davbadamba.org

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